03 February 2013

Sea fog, sightseeing and bee-stings

So the last week of gorgeous hot weather was great, except for the couple of days that I spent by the beach assuming that it would be all gorgeous blue skies, only to find a thick sea fog covering everything. That wasn't very fun.

I did get some work done, but not as much as I should have. I don't know how I'm going to find my motivation. Instead I went for a drive, I explored a bit of Colac Bay, and it turns out there is a lake right there up the road that I never knew about! It's a reserve and surrounded by bush so not so easy to see from the road.

On the way I found an interesting pond full of stumps.

Then some cows came to say hello.

There were big blue dragonflies as well.

I also watched movies and read a book and baked cookies (delicious cookies). I'm teaching Cher to roll over and now, after her running away from my friends who I left her with and making it all the way home over a really busy road, I'm trying to teach her to cross the road safely. Then there's touch practice which in this heat completely takes it out of me, plus is bringing back my shin splints. It's definitely more intense than tag rugby. So I manage to keep myself busy despite not doing my real work. I'm trying to encourage Cher to swim as well but she still won't have a bar of it.

On top of everything, today at touch practice poor Cher got a bee sting. I noticed her suddenly whimpering and trying to get at one of her front paws so I went to her and knelt down and what would you know - I got stung. There was a bumblebee on the ground and it got us both. Turns out they can sting multiple times, like wasps. However, it also got squashed between the two of us standing and kneeling on it. Luckily I'm not allergic to bumblebees and it looks like Cher's not either. No lasting harm, she got over it quickly enough and so did I.

Now, instead of working, I am working on making a costume for Shakespeare in the Park - my Mum and I are doing one each, Shakespearian dresses for the Merry Wives of Windsor. It's been years since we have made costumes and these two are going to be pretty spectacular. I have claimed the little blue and white dress, this particular wife will look like Cinderella. The other is all pink and green and will look like a candy shop. There is only a week until the show starts and we were only given the fabric a couple of days ago so it is a bit of a rush job. Plus the poor dog has to be tied up outside during the costume making sessions because my Mum's cats have finally arrived from Abu Dhabi. She doesn't like being tied up - after almost a whole day of it today (with walks between of course) she has stopped crying and is mostly sulking. The cats are also a bit sulky, not to mention jumpy, because they're getting used to a new place. They are both a lot quieter than they used to be, but I'd say that's just the shock and they will get noisy again. So there'll be an update on the creativity side of things soon - more interesting than the thesis writing.

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