26 January 2013

Summer, take 2

This is the forecast for the next 10 days - totally makes up for the rain and wind that we had for most of January. The week just been was on and off - nice enough to suck you in and then as soon as you risk a big long walk somewhere the rain sets in. But now I should get plenty of sunshine and swimming in, and by the time the rain sets in I will probably be glad of the break..

Of course, all that sunshine is perhaps going to make it a bit difficult to focus on work. And I have to admit that focus has already been hard to come by. Even when the weather is shitty I am lazy and would rather lie around reading books and watching movies - holiday mode is hard to switch off. Especially when the beach is so close. Today I was out at our local beach, Oreti, and went for a quick swim but something about the tides at the moment have left it full of seaweed, and it's not a very nice swimming beach at the best of times. Colac bay is much nicer, the water is generally so clear. Only problem is that the beach is right on the road and the silly dog won't come swimming with me, she runs away from the waves, so I can't swim for long out of worry that she will decide to cross the road back to the house on her own. She is not wary enough of cars yet to be doing that on her own. So instead with her I have to mostly settle for paddling, and watching her chase seagulls, which she loves.

So speaking of the dog, Cher has gotten all of her puppy spirits back over the last week. Or at least, I hope that is all of them otherwise she may get to be a handful. She still follows me everywhere, but is slowly learning to stay and lets me tie her up outside of shops (though she jumps all over me when I let her loose). She has learnt to sit and lie down and has begun to tear her toys to pieces and destroy the big rawhide bone I got her. She very quickly learnt to stay away from Dad's evil cat but my sister's cat keeps teasing her, I think the cat is curious and wouldn't mind getting closer, but she doesn't like how quickly Cher moves. Last night the cat crept in while Cher was sleeping and the dog woke up and chased her away, then went back to bed. The cat immediately crept back in and rushed straight up to her with her fur all raised and her claws out. I guess that was the cat's revenge. The dog doesn't know what to make of the cat's strange mixture of encouragement and hostility. But at least between all the excitement of scary cats and all the running alongside the bike Cher does, and chasing seagulls, she gets so tired that she sleeps all evening and all night (which you would think would leave me plenty of opportunity to work, right?). She sleeps in the funniest positions, like she will wriggle under a blanket and then curl up in it, but forget to shake it off when she wakes and walk around with the blanket over her like a long cape. Or she goes to sleep after a belly rub, on her back with her back legs splayed out in a very un-ladylike manner and her front legs stretched out all over the place.

Before I go and start to doze off, because it was so hot today that I can hardly move, back to what I was going to say about Oreti beach. Other than all the seaweed, the beach was completely packed full of people, even at 5 pm, which was actually lucky for us. I took my sister and my Mum out, because maybe they wanted to go too but mainly because I didn't want to dog to be lonely when I went for a swim. Rochelle doesn't get to go to the beach much, I'm the only person that takes here. The sand is generally solid enough even for the heavy van, and for her to drive on it in her wheelchair without getting stuck. Except she wants to go close to the water, because she never gets to. Closer and closer. The last two times we went it was fine, but this time she crept even further forward and the tide was on the turn, so of course when a wave washed past her wheels the sand under them turned to complete sludge and she was stuck. From where I was standing I could see Mum tugging on her wheelchair so I guessed what happened and ran over, but the two of us couldn't budge it - the little wheels were almost completely covered and the big wheels where sunk halfway in. If another wave had come it would have probably washed over the motor. Luckily some me parked near to our an had noticed me running over and came to help - big guys with lots of tattoos, really typical kiwi blokes and thank god because if it wasn't for them, we would have been completely screwed. Between the four of us we lifted the chair out (that thing weighs a ton as well) and after that all was well. Except that I had told her not to get so close to the water! And when it was time to leave, I was up the beach introducing Cher to some other dogs and Rochelle came to get me, once again trundling incredibly close to the water line! So now I wonder if that will be the last time we run in to that sort of problem.

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