14 January 2013

Back to the thesis

Well here I am, out in Colac Bay, attempting to get back to work. I have an ocean view and can constantly hear the sound of waves, and at night time it is dark enough out here that the sky is full of so many bright stars. Unfortunately, it is not overly warm out here so I can't very well go swimming every day, but that's also a bit of a positive note because if it were sunny I would surely want to be outside in the sun reading a book every day. Except that I forgot the charger for my kindle so I have no books to read. Again, probably a positive thing because now the only thing that I can do to keep myself busy is think about my thesis. At least for the time being I'm in a nice quiet environment for thinking, though soon I will have to go back into town to work for a bit so that I have proper internet access. Here is my little study space - not even a desk but so much nicer than my office back in Galway!

So now it's time to get down to work, it's not easy to really get a lot done because I'm still putting together results and I am waiting on some last bits and pieces from various colleagues before they will really be ready. Then it will be a matter of one draft after another that my supervisor will rip to shreds, but hopefully the process won't be too painful. Today my view is a bit dark and the ocean is a dark green and grey instead of blue so I think it might rain. If it is fine later I will go for a walk down the beach though, because just sitting and working the entire day is not good for anyone!

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