01 January 2013

Hello 2013...

December's over and yes, I wore a dress every day (although personally there are a few that I would call tops or jumpers, but other people say 'what a nice dress' so I will take their word for it and call them dresses). Now for a new challenge - I just found this and I think I have to do it, for the sake of having yet another distraction when I should be writing my PhD thesis: Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge. Besides, the weather has packed up and while I hope it gets better, it's good to have a pile of books for just in case it doesn't. With it suddenly being so cold and rainy going out to Colac Bay and the beach for New Years was no longer an appealing idea - much better to stay inside at home, dressed up warm with some movies and good food. Hopefully the new year brings back our gorgeous summer weather because my tan was only just starting to come back, and I have only been swimming in the ocean twice so far.

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