22 February 2013

Lots of stories, what a week...

This week has been a big one, packed full of ridiculous things to distract me from my work. On Monday I was out in Colac Bay taking the dog for a walk when we were joined by two other dogs (which to be honest I sort of went by their place on purpose because Cher likes having friends). Their people weren't home and they wanted to come with us so I took them to the beach and let them tire my dog out with their running and playing and fetch. Then I took them home and closed the gate on them. Only it turns out that the giant one can take a running jump over the fence and I couldn't let just one dog follow me and leave the other all alone so I opened the gate back up and let them follow us back home. I took my computer outside and tried to get  more work done while they played together in the yard, except the black one is obsessed with fetch and hunted around the garden till she found some tennis balls, then wouldn't leave me alone. When it began to get late I took the dogs back to their own place and this time their people were there so they went home and left us. Oh, and did I mention that one is giant? He's huge, like a little horse.

However, that was not the end of my day. Later that afternoon I decided to take the dog for another walk through a reserve area in Riverton, as I had to go get groceries anyway. I found the reserve and drove up a big hill to get there, but at the top I wasn't sure if it was OK to park on the grass so I went to park on the side of the little road. Then this happened:

I'm not quite sure how it happened but I was very worried that I had caused some damage. Plus I had no phone credit and there was no-one else up there. Luckily, before I decided to walk down the hill to find help a car drove up and I begged for help - the driver took a look and reassured me that my car was probably fine, just stuck. However, he was just one man and had no tow rope so couldn't help much. But luckily he was kind enough to drive back down the hill and get help from the garage. And he was right about the car too - when help came all they had to do was put a block under the wheel and give it a little tow and next thing you know the car was free. Yay.

Despite all the dramas I got a decent amount of work done on Monday, but on Tuesday my motivation and focus disappeared, as did the sun, so I couldn't even take the day off work to enjoy the last of summer (in fact, the entire start of the week was overcast out there, how disappointing). On Tuesday there were no dramas, except I took the dog for a walk and then left the beach and walked on the road and she kept freaking me out by unexpectedly crossing the road to bark at sheep and other dogs. I had to put up with Mum complaining about this and that and the next thing because she's not impressed with turning 50. I went for a drive and found a walking track that I'd never heard of before but it turns out that it was a small part of a series of tracks that run up the entire country - it was nice too, and the dog found a muddy pond to get dirty in so she was happy. I didn't get the car stuck anywhere this time.

Finally Wednesday arrived and I got back to work. No more dramas but on one of our many walks on the beach Cher got carried away with rolling in smelly things - lots of old seaweed and a dead bird - so I had to take her right into the water to make sure she wouldn't be smelly. I hiked my dress up and coaxed her in past the waves, only to have her come that little bit too close and give me a good scratch while doggy-paddling. Now I have a giant bruise on my leg because she has heavy paws and it always seems to be worse when they scratch you underwater - maybe because it's cold. So there we are, in the water, I turn to her to make sure she is wet all over and not covered in bad smells and next thing you know a wave sneaks up behind me and soaks my knickers and the bottom of my dress. So that will teach me for paddling too deep. It was surprisingly not that cold either. And the cloud cover finally lifted, leaving us with a beautiful evening.

On Thursday I had such a busy day, there was doggy obedience school, going to the vet, making cupcakes for Mum's birthday and the various things we arranged for her, like getting our nails done, then touch (the semi-final and the team we played was so fast) and rushing straight from that to a birthday dinner - for which I had to quickly get changed in the car, in the carpark on the side of the rugby field, as modestly as possible. No time even to think yesterday, let alone exercise the dog properly so that would probably explain why she kept jumping on my bed and waking me up in the early hours of this morning. So today we don't have that problem, we were out running up and down the Waihopai river for at least an hour first thing, and now Cher is still exhausted and fast asleep. However, I did manage to loose her leash and it was quite new so I'm kicking myself for that one.

Now it's Friday and a beautiful day, though this morning was frosty. I hope the good weather extends into autumn because I don't want to say goodbye to the sun yet and the leaves are already changing colour.

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