02 June 2017

May 2017

May has been a big, busy month. Both for work, which has been flat out (but finally settling down and things are getting completed which is good) and here at home. We have been to a concert (Pink Floyd Experience, it was awesome), I adopted two stray chickens and we had to make an extension to the hen house (and now I'm getting loads of eggs!), I've been making my veggie garden and clearing weeds (we have a ragwort infestation) and we've planted grass all over the place, plus loads of bulbs. And Mum visited and helped me get started on making curtains. I haven't got very far yet, I have had to bring work home a bit lately, but I have high hopes for this long weekend. I will finish our bedroom curtains, and then the next step is the living room, and then to buy a heat pump because it's getting cold.

So that's pretty much it. I have had a cold this week and am really tired so I have no more write for now. We are all well here, the animals included, the house is still awesome, and our view is still great. I'll be coming down to Invers in two weeks, so I can fill in any blanks then.

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