28 November 2009

Big week ahead

Today I ran out of money. I have 1 euro and 70 cents left. My pay didn't come in, everybody else's did but it is not the end of the month for another couple of days so I will not worry about it yet. If it is still not in my bank account come Tuesday though then I guess something has gone wrong and I will have to get hold of the finance people.

So Mum arrives tonight. She should have been here ages ago actually, but they switched her flight because of the fog. You can't really see the fog in the photos so you will just have to trust me that it is really foggy. Yet when I arrived we flew through a terrible storm.

They switched her flight and she went to the West Ireland airport, and as far as I know she is now on a bus on her way here. But seeing as she is the expert at ambiguous text messages I can't be sure. I think maybe the bus will only go to the airport and then she will have to taxi from there. But you see, she keeps sending stuff that doesn't make sense, like just a half sentence you know. like 'airport closer' whereas she probably should have said 'the bus goes to the airport' and so I have to reply to ask what she means. So I finally replied that she should just tell me where and when she will arrive and stop wasting my money. Haven't heard since. And I was being dead serious and not grumpy because I have no money left, so I can't top up my phone, so if she got stuck somewhere and had already wasted all my credit with nonsense texts then I wouldn't be able to get hold of her. And sure she probably realises that but now she hasn't replied, which is just what she does cos she's a bit hopeless, but so not helpful. How hard is it to just say where you are and exactly what is happening every now and then?

Anyway it doesn't matter, not like we had plans. If it's not too late when she arrives we can go out and get something to eat, but if it's late that's okay. I got the apartment cleaned up because I live very messily really. And with Mum being late I had time to finish my book. It was really good. I found these two books at the op-shop you see (actually here it is called a charity shop) and they are written by Irish authors. Which makes sense, in NZ you get loads of kiwi authors so of course here there are loads of Irish authors. The first book was okay but the second book was really good. It's called Superchick, it's contemporary fiction, sort of like those chick novels all about some women, or several women, who've been dumped and have lots of funny things happen to them as they go about finding someone new. Except it's written by a guy, about guys, and is a bit of a piss take, and ends with a bit of joke instead of all your smoochy crap. Anyway, it was really good.

And now to bed because it is going to be a big week, going an a tour of the Cliffs of Moher tomorrow.

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