30 November 2009

Cliffs of Moher

So Mum arrived on Saturday night. Her suitcase was full of new clothes for me, it was like Christmas! And they are all very nice as well, sometimes she is not so good at choosing.

So yesterday we had to be up early and we did the Cliffs of Moher tour. Basically it is a tour of the next county downwards, it's called the Burren which means the rocky place.

It is all limestone, rocks everywhere. We stopped at a couple of castles, after the first one we stopped for a coffee break. Mum managed to find a cat, it wouldn't let her pat it though.

Then Ballyalban which is an old earthen fort, now called a fairy fort.

The next big stop was Polnabrone Dolmen, one of the better preserved megalithic tombs.

Then this was this ruined cathedral with big old celtic crosses.

And after that we stopped for lunch in a place called Doolin, and the food was really good. There was a wee souvenir shop but it was just a quick visit so we only looked.

Then finally the Cliffs of Moher, where we stopped for about an hour or so. They are very impressive. Except the driver kept telling us that a few weeks ago a woman was blown off the top. It was a warning, because she was up where she was not meant to be. It was so windy, but the day was clear which was good.

After seeing the cliffs we were cold so we went down to the souvenir shop and brought some stuff. Not much though. And Mum managed to break the bus door.

On the way back it was getting dark already and there were not many stops. We did stop a couple of times to see the coastline, it is a very rocky and harsh sort of landscape, not like anywhere else.

There is a place just near Fanore called leprechaun head, and it is called that because the shape of the cliff side looks like a face, but it was dark and late so we stayed in the bus, which meant I couldn't get a good photo of it. But I will have another chance I am sure.

The tour was quite good, would have been better if I wasn't so tired. The driver was a bit annoying though, and kept going on about the ladies, ladies this and ladies that. Still, he was really friendly, and we will do a tour of Connemara on Tuesday.

We were so tired by the end of it though. I took Mum by uni to see the barnacles and stuff. We went into town but after our huge pub lunch didn't much want dinner. So we went home and Mum complained the whole way about how far I live and how cold it was. And then we both went to bed real early cos we were so whacked. But before that I managed to put my hot chocolate in the microwave too long and it overflowed and went everywhere, and I had just cleaned the bloody thing!

Now looking at Mum's photos, half of them are upside-down! How she managed to take upside down photos I don't know.

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