12 March 2010

First week of my course

It has been a very long week. I started my ultrastructure course, which goes from 8 till 4. And these last three days I have been staying later to do my other work, because I need to take pictures of all my histology stuff. So that I can put them in the book chapter that my supervisor is writing. Which is very exciting, my name will be published as co-author in a book some time this year. But it does mean that this weekend I have to work. But maybe not too hard.

Here is my image of the week. According to all my collegues who have been giving me their opinion, it is a very good image. Made my day.

Oh, and my course is going quite well. Everything is tiny, like microscopic almost. Today was working with very small hard to see stuff so was not so great. But mostly it is okay and I get by despite not understanding German.

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