02 March 2010

A rather quiet week

It has not only stopped snowing but it really feels like spring. Today it was 10 degrees! That is a nice day, right? Or have I just grown accustomed to the temperature staying below zero? Not only that but on my way home it began to rain, just a very little. And in Ireland I complain of the rain because it never goes away, but it has rained maybe twice since I have been here in Vienna. So it was nice. And the good thing about this nice weather is that you can get outside and suddenly you notice again all the nice buildings. The area in which I live is not the nicest, and sort of dodgy, but it is not all bad. This church here is quite close to where I live, and while all the churches and buildings here are very impressive, this one is my favourite. It looks like a castle.

Anyway last week's big work meeting went well. My presentation was first and I think it went well, and I was glad to go first and have it over and done with. Then there was another day and a half of sitting there listening - it was very very long. There were bikkies and chocolate to keep us going so I spent the duration of the meeting snacking. It was decided that seeing as I have some nice results they will go in the book chapter on barnacle adhesion and I will be co-author. Co-author!! And I will try to publish my results in about a year. And the trip to Germany will be next March or April. So there you go, now I have some goals. But for this week not much to do, time is dragging on a bit. I should make the most of laziness though because next week I am beginning a big course.

Over the weekend it was a perfect sunny day to climb the tower of Stephansdom, the cathedral. But you know, I managed to forget my camera. That's okay though, because after climbing all those stairs (and it really wasn't as much as I thought it would be) there was not really that much to see. I was quite disappointed. All you could see was the city, and maybe I will go up another day to take photos, but I might not bother. You can't see to the countryside, you can't see the mountains, and there is no ocean around this country. Looking down onto the city is not that great.

So instead of a photo of the city roofs, here is a nice view of the Donau canal on my way to work. You can see the burn the rubbish. Or maybe they heat water there. I have been given conflicting information. General agreement is that it is the rubbish tip. It was designed by Hundertwasser, on whom I will have more to say another day. Isn't a nice view that I have now that I have more to see than just snow?

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