21 March 2010

Hundertwasser House

It has been such a busy week with this course that I didn't really do much at all. But last weekend I went to have a look at the Hundertwasser house, which you can see right here:

So this apartment block was designed by Hundertwasser (a Viennese artist) for free, in order to prevent something ugly going up in its place. I think it might have been one of his first, before this he was primarily known for paintings. Anyway he is a firm believer in many different colours and his buildings have uneven floor, because apparently we did not evolve to walk on flat surfaces. Not to mention the roof of the building is covered in grass and trees.

So anyway it turns out that this architect went to New Zealand and decided that he liked it so much that he ended up spending most of his time there, and declared that his true home was New Zealand! The only thing he built in New Zealand was some public loos at Kawakawa, some small town in the North Island I think. But isn't that the most random thing? Everybody here tells me how Red Bull was invented in Austria, so now I tell them all that their architect loved New Zealand.

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