19 September 2011

Galway Gales

I have been very quiet the last two weeks, because there really has been nothing to talk about, except for the usual rant. After being released from hospital all I had to look forward to was work and cold, cold weather. Galway was visited by gale-force winds, apparently it was the butt-end of some hurricane or something. Whatever it was, it was freezing cold and constantly threatening to blow me over. It's lucky nobody ended up in the canal! Not only is the weather awful but there is nothing happening at work, so I spend my days bored and worried. At this point of my PhD I should be so busy, but I currently am at a loss and waiting for some expertise to come my way and teach me the molecular side of my project. So I have been pretending to be busy and reading lots of books (finally joined the city library). I would like to be planning my trip to NZ but I am too broke so it will have to wait. And if NZ doesn't deliver up an awesome summer I will be so unimpressed because it is so bloody miserable here!

For the weekend I escaped from work and saw a little bit of Sligo, where a friend was having a housewarming and it only rained one day out of two. I got to spend Saturday baking, then on Sunday I wussed out of swimming (it was freezing! Everybody else had wetsuits!) and instead went for a walk so I could take photos. It reminded me a bit of Riverton and Colac Bay, but maybe a lot of surf beaches are sort of similar. Sligo seemed to have a bit more going for it than Galway, as a county that is - there were mountains that looked a bit more like mountains than those here, and beaches in closer proximity. Of course, it's easy to see a place properly when you have a car at your disposal, and maybe if I had one I would get to see more of Galway. I think the high point of the weekend was not even necessarily the place, just the fact that it was not rainy, or even overcast. It was cold but there was plenty of sunshine.  Now the weather tells me it might be sunny here on Thursday but that probably won't actually happen. I should clearly just win the lotto and then buy myself a tropical island. But instead I will end with some photos of the beach at Sligo and work on finding interesting things to do so that I have more to talk about next time.

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