05 September 2011


It is Monday and after a week in hospital they are letting me out. It is so loud here you cannot get any sleep, the food is terrible and my arms are covered in bruises from the many needles they have put in me. I have been on IV antibiotics the whole time, and my inflammation has all gone. They were going to give me surgery tomorrow and I was so looking forward to finally having it all over an done with.

However, it turns out that they don't like to do surgery on females taking the contraceptive pill. Who would have thought?! Everybody is on it these days, so you think that for one it would be a more well known fact. And for another, when I first came into hospital they could have told me to stop taking it. I have to wait 6 weeks, but if I'd been told to stop last week that would only be 5 weeks now. So after being stuck here hoping that the inflammation would go down enough, it turns out that it doesn't matter. Maybe they could have let me out days ago! So I have been bored, stuck in bed, trying to keep busy, it has been an absolutely miserable weekend! All for nothing. I will get my surgery in October sometime and until then have to continue to eat as little fat as possible (though like hell this will stop me baking!). Then after the surgery another month of low fat diet just to give me time to recover! And I thought I would get surgery tomorrow and then after a month be back to normal, like everybody else.

So now it is 11 am and I must wait for them to get around to giving me a prescription, a surgical appointment and discharging me. Which knowing this terribly slow place will take all afternoon. Then back to work I guess because other than being terribly tired I feel fine, no longer sick at all. At least I get to go home! I want to take a proper shower, in my own bathroom, sleep in my own bed, look after myself instead of having everybody running around after me. I want to be in my lovely kitchen and cook stuff! This whole thing has just completely thrown everything into chaos, and turns out I could have gone to that conference after all! Too late now though, not prepared. So instead just the usual, back to work, watch as the vestiges of warmth turn into full blown winter. Because it turns out that Ireland is really weird and doesn't keep the same seasons as the rest of the world - I thought September was the start of Autumn but here it started a month ago! All the seasons come a month early! Weird.

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