27 September 2011

Money woes of a poor student

Once again I am writing while at work, instead of working, although it is technically lunchtime so it is not so bad. Except that I have been not working for ages really now, my concentration was destroyed after going to check the mail. I got a letter from my health insurance which I assumed was something about my being in hospital but no, it turns out that they are increasing the cost of insurance because the bloody crap government here is taking its financial retardation out on me (and everybody else with health insurance of course). They have upped the tax, which increases my monthly payment from 32 to 40 euro - that's 25%! That's a huge increase and I am so not impressed! It was going to be hard enough with paying higher rent this year and bills will cost more because they are only split between two now. Every year my pay goes up a little but it's not going to cover at all the increase in my bloody living costs! I would like to just quit health insurance but I can't because I'm always getting sick these days. Speaking of which, the other thing that has me all grumpy today is that in the mail I also got a letter from the hospital saying that a bed has been reserved for me, subject to availability, in November. That's 3 weeks later than what they told me! Not only that but it might still be just taken away if there is no bed available on that day! I know it won't get me anywhere, but I'm still going to ring up and complain.

So to top off my money woes, I was looking at domestic NZ flights for my trip home at Christmas and they are so expensive! In the last week the Air NZ flights for Christmas time have gone up by about 200 bucks! I was very worried, I'm already broke, I can't afford to spend 600 dollars just to get up to the North Island and back. But then I let my procrastination encourage me to read the news and there was a story about Jetstar, and their new flights from Wellington to Queenstown. I actually tried looking at Jetstar flights earlier but the website wouldn't work. But second time round there were no problems and I quickly brought decently priced flights before they disappeared. Now I hope that the bad things you used to hear about the airline don't happen any more, I don't want to deal with cancelled flights and delays. Another good thing that happened today - I just found a bunch of stuff that had gone missing. Turns out there is a hole in the lining of my bag.  It's still not as good as yesterday, when I got three comments on my food blog. Becoming well-known is really slow!

The end of the week will also be the end of September, and then it will be two months till my trip to NZ. I want summer and lots of warm weather, and maybe to win the lotto or something like that. But for lack of that, I would settle for just the nice weather, and good food. Which is why it is so important that this bloody operation gets done before Christmas! Until then though, I won't be going anywhere and I will be sticking to a strict budget as much as possible, which explains why I have nothing to write about other than complaints. Today however, I had to complain because there is no-one in my office right now for me to rant to. Now I have to get back to work. Will try hard to get a life and do something interesting so that I have more to say next time.

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