05 December 2011

Arrived in Invers

So after a huge delay thanks to Etihad airlines (who I haven't complained to yet but they will be hearing from me!) I am in Invercargill. I'm still very tired and completely unorganised, plus the travelling has left me with the most awful cough. I was given a window seat for my first look in two years and my own country, and I managed to take pictures through the window, so below in a part of Invercargill, the south side, wrong side of the tracks and all that. Can't believe people actually say that about such a small, quite place as Invers. My old house is somewhere inside the red circle, but it's hard to say exactly because the picture is really not clear! I only found it because my old school is now a very noticeable eyesore with it's huge blue roof, and the hardware store is even worse, the entire thing is painted bright orange!

I keep on struggling to remember what day it is, and it already feels like I never really left, but I have only actually been here two days (today is the third). I have taken my sister out from the hospital each day for a break, and yesterday we went to a cafe where I was reintroduced to the classic kiwi milkshake - they're huge! I forgot how big they were, so I had to take a photo of it (it was strawberry flavour). My sister was embarrassed, I had to explain to her that it was only the beginning of my touristy picture-taking.

Not sure what we'll do today, but then tomorrow I'm off to Dunedin, then further up to the North Island for two weeks. I'll arrive back in Invers just in time for Christmas so don't know when I will have time for Christmas shopping. Now there's a downside to being home - have to buy so many more x-mas pressies!

Ok, so now it's the end of the day and I went to the beach. I am jet-lagged, tired, sick with a cold, hayfever and god knows what else but staying home and resting would not be making the most of it! I took my sister down to the beach and after saying she would stay in the car she decided the sand looked pretty solid, than went and drove all the way up to the water, until the waves were practically lapping at her wheelchair. Luckily, she didn't get stuck. So here is the road to the beach:

And here is the beach itself, Oreti beach, about 10 minutes from where I used to live in the city. It's really long, good for surfing and there are big sand dunes behind it. Sometimes the water is full of seaweed and at other times you might stand on a flounder or crab. It's still a good beach though. It's a part of state highway one, so you can drive along it, and the speed limit is 30 km per hour. Once I drove into a hole and got stuck, way back when I was learning to drive, and Dad was so unimpressed. Luckily some people drove by and they had a tow bar. I wasn't allowed to drive for quite awhile after that.

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