15 December 2011

The Far North

So I am currently in Taupo, where I would have a nice view of NZ's largest lake if it wasn't for the bloody rain. About a week ago now I began my foray up north, beginning with a bus ride up to Dunedin, where I froze my butt off (not literally). Then I hopped on a plane to Auckland, the pressure of which just exarcebated my bloody cold, leaving me with blocked ears and an awful cough. So luckily for the next couple of days the plan was just to veg out on my friend's little farm, playing with her baby boy and dog. Here is the view from her house, when I arrived and the weather fooled me into thinking I would get summer.

Here is a view of the cute little farmhouse and the ominous black clouds that plague my travels.

Next stop was Napier, to visit another old school friend. We had about one and a half good summery days, which is better than nothing! Napier is nice, the visit was great, but I don't have time to go on and on as usual because I have only 2 minutes remaining of internet time. Here is a view of the bay from a lookout area.

We went to a petting zoo where the animals were so keen to get at our pottles of animal feed that they tried to climb over the fences.

There was a five-legged sheep!

There were llamas and alpacas, which were also so keen to be fed that they stole my carton of grain out of my hands. That didn't help them much though, seeing as it just spilt all over the ground.

Plus there were lots of birds following us around, like this duck down here with the funny little top-do.

Another drive took us out to Cape Kidnappers, where there is a gannet colony. We didn't bother going to look for that, however. Just sat in the sunshine, with an iced-chocolate and scones.

So after only proper days, in which the presence of summer was somewhat dubious, it was time to leave Napier, which was still quite sunny and warm when I left, with a view from Marine parade of the ocean all bluey-green.

Finally, here is the cat that spent as much time as possible sleeping on my bed during my stay, covering the bedspread with black fur and making me sneeze. Still, it's always nice to have pets around.

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