02 December 2011

Back to NZ

I'm finally out of Galway, sitting in Abu Dhabi airport where the have free wireless, but soon my computer battery will die. That's ok, I don't have much to say really. It's great to leave Galway because work is suddenly a big problem. I'll have to deal with it all soon though. Until then I have to suffer through this endless journey - Etihad is a decent airline but long distance travel is always awful. When I left Galway it was cold and very bright, mostly just raining at night-time. I left yesterday at 2 pm, now it's about 5 am Irish time and I don't think I have slept. Hopefully I will the next flight. Here is what Galway looked like when I left:

From what the internet tells me, it looks like Invercargill has been having great weather over the last week. By the time I arrive on Saturday evening it is forecasted to drop back down to 16 degrees and start raining. I still have my fingers crossed for a great summer, but if not at least I will have my trip to the North Island for sunshine. Very soon I will be back to travelling, taking photos and having much more to talk about. Here in Abu Dhabi I got off the plane and oddly enough recognised the smell of the place - not a bad smell, just the way the air is here. It makes me wonder if I will recognise the smell of home, or if maybe NZ air does not have a distinctive smell? Like how when you get to know a good friend you can always tell that they have been in a room before you because their own personal smell is there (again, not a bad smell). That word is starting to get weird, as words do when you write them and read them over and over again so it is probably time to stop waffling and go walk around the airport, before being confined to a plane for another 8 hours.

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