13 September 2012

Good things and bad things

Good thing: today I save a little bird. It was inside the foyer of the building, fluttering against the glass door. I managed to catch it and put it out the door and it flew off of my hands. But while inside it wasn't actually flying, just fluttering, so I hope that doesn't mean it was hurt or just a baby or something, because I would like for it to have flown away and kept on living. It was really cute too, it had blue and brown feathers.

Bad thing: last night I burnt my mouth on soup so badly that it blistered, on the inside of my mouth and my lip too. Now the blister has broken and I have a gross oozy patch, so it looks like I have a coldsore, which I don't because I never get them, I was just stupid enough to take a spoonful of soup right from the pot. And it hurts and is all tingly. The soup wasn't even that good either, just average.

Good thing: I'm still the flavour of the month at work on account of getting my name in Nature and all, so even though there is so much to do still that I can barely think, everybody is all happy, especially my supervisor. She even suggested that I start giving her chapter drafts for my thesis, which is so positive because it means she's actually supporting my attempt to finish so early.

Bad thing: outside the weather is awful, it is grey and seems dark already and it's so windy, and at 7.30 pm tonight we have our final rugby match, which we have to win so that we get a cup, but it will be cold and half dark. Plus the team we are playing are good, I think we just barely beat them last time, and so many of our best players are away, we will be short on subs and we will all be absolutely exhausted.

Good thing: I have a big lunch-box of chocolate chip cookies to share with the team after the match, and they are the best chocolate chip cookies ever. I feel like I am betraying Cadbury to say it, but these cookies are actually better than the ones I always used to make for everybody, that came out of an old Cadbury cookbook. It was so hard to not eat lots of mixture last night, and then lots of freshly baked cookies (but I managed, because the rugby team would be so sad if I didn't bring cookies).

Bad thing: I have live samples of barnacles here at work again, which is good for some aspects of my work but means I have to look after them, and change the water, and feed them, and on Monday I had to spend the day sorting dead, rotting barnacles from live ones. Plus I am keeping them in the new temperature controlled room, which smells like some sort of plastic or adhesive or some other really chemically smelling thing. So soon I have to go out into this cold, grey day because the barnacles in their new temperature controlled room are in the storage building behind the main building. It's just such a hassle! Stupid barnacles.

Good thing: I got my new Kindle this week! It's so cool, it's small and light and can fit a whole library of books on it. I had to order a case to keep it safe so I'm still waiting for that to arrive, and it is purple and leather and has a light attached so that you can read everywhere and anywhere. All these books at my fingertips is going to be dangerous, I could so easily just read all the time and not work. In fact, I'm off now to have a late lunch and I'll be taking my Kindle with me and reading a chapter before coming back to read boring work stuff.

Bad thing: we lost our rugby match :(

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