02 September 2012

Work work work

My first paper was published just a couple of weeks ago and the most amazing thing happened last week. I got an email from an editor guy at Nature. He has written a short (very short) summary of my work to be published as a "research highlight" in Nature. As in, the actual science magazine. My name will be in it. With a link to my paper. Now, only scientists get this straight away, so let me explain. You know that song, "the cover of the Rolling Stone"? Well, Nature is the science version of the Rolling Stone. If you publish a paper in Nature you've pretty much got it made. So I have not published in Nature, and I probably never will, but they like my work enough to highlight it and point it out, and my name is there. It will be out this week. It will do great things for my paper and for my CV. Plus my supervisor is pretty stoked, so I should be in her good books for a fair while now.

So with all of that going so well, I just have to make it through the next three months. I need some work to start going right, I need to procrastinate less and be more productive in my writing (sometimes I find myself just staring at my computer screen or a research article for half an hour or more, with nothing new being done). If I can hand my thesis in by Christmas I could have the examination and corrections done by February next year. But in order to hand in my thesis I need to write an introduction, a methods chapter (that's more than half done at least), three more research chapters and a discussion. That's a lot. Though if it's always raining then at least it's easier to stay in the office and not wag work.

Plus to add a little update, it's a whole new week now, it's a Monday (yuck) but good things are happening today, other than eating cupcakes. Because today I won a Kindle! I entered a small writing competition, nothing major, just one put on by a company that makes peptides. Which is good, because the smaller the competition the less entries, which means more chance for me to win. I came third and won a Kindle, and I only wanted to get second or third because first prize was dinner for a group of my colleagues and that's sort of boring. I would rather have a kindle, and spend even more time reading instead of working. So yay! Both of these good, published things will be showing up online this week so the links will be coming shortly:



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