21 September 2012

PhD comics...

There is an online procrastination tool used by many postgraduate students like myself and today, because this entire week I have been feeling particularly tired and procrastinating a lot, I would like to share it. The PhD comics truly reflect my life and thoughts on a regular basis and make me feel better about this whole PhD thing sometimes. Perhaps they would not be understood fully by people that have not been through the postgraduate process, but hopefully they are still a little bit funny. Today's comic is very apt for me, it is exactly how I have been thinking for the entire duration of my PhD.

Now I have to just get a small amount of work done today to make myself feel better for getting so little done all week (not intentionally, things just haven't been working out this week is all). Then I am leaving early and going away for a weekend of birthday-party planning, cake-baking celebrations. And I'm going to do my best to forget all about work and I'm going to read books and knit myself a hat because it's getting cold here and I'm tired of giving away all the stuff I make - I want something for a change. Then hopefully next week will be much more productive (because September is ending and then I just have October and November to get work done because I plan to hand in my thesis in December!).

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