26 December 2009

Christmas Aftermath

Today, my last full day in Abu Dhabi, was supposed to be spent at the beach in the sun. It might be winter but it is, after all, a desert. Unfortunately this morning I got up and it was overcast! But it was only early so I hoped it would get better later on.

In the meantime the cats finally knocked over the Christmas tree. I'm surprised they hadn't done it as soon as it went up; it's rather miraculous that it survived through Christmas at all. They knocked it down and then Nunu proceeded to try to eat it. Then they got really hyperactive and chased each other around for awhile.

After lunch the sun came out so we went down to the beach club and got settled. The Beach Rotana is just down the street, about 15 or 20 minutes walk, not at all far but you have to wait a long time to cross the big roads. It is joined on to the Abu Dhabi mall so is really very convenient. You can do your sunbathing and shopping all at once.

It was a bit cloudy and a bit windy, but it seemed alright. Of course we were being far too optimistic, and before we knew it there were clouds with no end in sight.

We were not even there for that long before we gave up, stopped in the mall to grab a couple of things, and went home. I saw this really cool couch in a shop. When I have a house one day it might just have a couch very similar to this one.

We had left in the nick of time it turned out, it began to spit just as we were getting in the taxi. Now it is not really supposed to rain at all here, but I think that perception is going to have to change because it looks like the climate definately is. And today it was only spitting and raining a bit, but you cannot take the risk that it will remain that way because more likely than not it will become a torrential downpour and may even last all day.

But at least the clouds and rain made it seem appropriate to eat Christmas pudding and custard which we were far too full for yesterday. So that was dinner (very nutritious I know, not to mention all the chocolate) and now I guess all that is left to do is to tidy up the tree/decorations/presents. Back to work and things. What a shame.

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