29 December 2009

Back In Galway

So yesterday was a very long day spent travelling, made longer by the time difference. My yesterday must have lasted about 28 hours instead of the usual 24. When I arrived in Dublin I then took the bus to Galway which is really the easiest option. And the busses have the internet! But what would you know I hadn't thought to charge up my computer's battery so I couldn't make the most of it anyway. The scenery was very pretty though, instead of the usual rain everything was covered in frost, all the trees looked white and fuzzy. Unfortunately I could not take a decent photo throught the bus window.

Well last night I had to go to bed really early to make up for all the travelling and lack of sleep. And by the time I wake up this morning what would you know but it is raining again! And I thought that all this clear frosty weather would last. So eventually I make my way to work to start feeding barnacles again, and when I arrive I realise that I have left the adaptor to plug my computer into at Mum's! So I decided to dash into town to get another because I really like to be able to use my computer, especially seeing as despite being at work I don't actually intend to do any work.

So I dash off to the only shop that I know for sure has an adaptor to fit my NZ plug, Tesco. And while I am there I get a cheap kettle for the lab because it was really cheap, only 7 euro. And I got some gloves too because it is absolutely freezing out there today. And I am on my way out of the shopping centre, in a hurry because I left things running in the lab that had to be turned off, and what would you know but I have lost my hat! On a freezing cold day! And I rushed back thinking it would be right there on the counter of the shop but it wasn't, it's just gone. So I am hatless and it is cold. Luckily I have an umbrella otherwise I would be wet too.

When I got back to the lab everything was ok, nothing had died in my absence, and there were people here to talk to yay. But I go to show off my proud purchase of a jug for the lab and the box is empty!! I was in too much of a hurry and grabbed the display model box (though you would think that empty boxes would be kept in a store room or something wouldn't you?). So I went back to sort it out sooner rather than later because I was offered a lift, and it was no longer raining, now it was sleeting!

I went back to tesco and sorted out my kettle problem (I have to be careful to say kettle here instead of jug otherwise people don't know what I am talking about) and decided that since I am back in the shopping centre anyway I would get a heater for the lab, because it is the holidays and the heaters aren't going, and even when they are going it is cold in here anyway. I have avoided it for ages because electronics here are really overpriced compared to NZ. But it is cold so I brought a heater, only slightly on special but better than nothing, and what do I care anyway? I got my back pay and it turns out they paid m for October too, so I got three pay-checks in one! So I feel quite rich for the time being.

Anyway I leave the shopping centre with my purchases because if I have to work in the weather I might as well be warm, and now it is not just sleeting but actually snowing. And it is still going, like a half hour later! The guy that sold me the heater reckoned it would freeze again tonight, so once again I will have to be careful not to fall on my arse with all that ice around. I can see the snow throught my office window, it is very nice to look at from here at least. I'm not much looking forward to walking home in it though. I guess I will have to buy a new hat. It is very much like Invercargill snow though, it looks ok through the window but when you are out in it it is very wet and cold and slushy.

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