12 December 2009

Photos of Belfast

So I didn't manage to have time to take photo's in Belfast. So for now I will just steal some off of the internet so that everybody can see how pretty it was.

Anyway, the second day of the conference was also very long, and the funders were boring but the rest was really interesting. It was a rush to get to the bus on time but we made it, and the trip home was good. I was so tired by the time I got back though.

And it turns out that I misunderstood about the tickets, I thought it was all sorted but and that somebody else had my ticket but I was wrong, which means that I got a free ride from Galway to Dublin the other day (yesterday when I realised I had to buy a ticket for the way home of course, but still I got one free ride). Woops.

Also after talking to all the interesting people at the workshop my supervisor suddenly has a ton of new ideas about what we should be doing with the barnacles. If we actually followed through on all her ideas I think I would be doing my PhD for 10 years.

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