08 December 2009

Student accommodation is cause for a good rant

So anyway you know how I was saying how ridiculous the cost of laundry is at the place I live? Well these student apartments are called Dunaras, and you would think laundry would be free but it isn't. So when I want to do washing I have to first go to the office and by a token for the machine because they are not even coin operated. And this is a problem because the office is only open from 9 till 6 and closes at lunchtime, but I am usually at Uni by 9, and I don't go back during the day because is is a 25 minute walk, and I am usually not home before 6. So in order to get to the office I have to be late for Uni, or leave early.

So I go in the morning, and this has happened about 3 times now just so you know, and I try not to be early but still I am stuck waiting because the office guy is never on time. Not only are their opening hours completely unsuitable to a normal university schedule but he can't even be on time. It's not like he has to be there at 8 or on weekends or anything, how hard is it to be on time? Especially seeing as he lives either inside the complex or right behind it, I'm not sure, but it's pretty close. Because you see, I am waiting there outside the office and when he finally shows up he comes through a gate about halfway down the complex (so maybe 100 metres at the most?). And his car is parked right there so obviously he lives right through that gate.

And what does he do then? You won't believe it.

He gets in his car and drives up to the office!

It would take him what, 1 minute to walk to the office? But he drives. Even if it is raining you would barely get wet walking between that gate and the office. No wonder he's a bit chubby. And it's not like it was a one-off thing either, I've seen this more than once. How can you drive to work when you live at work? How lazy is that.

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