21 January 2010

A Breakfast Disaster

This morning I had a microwave accident.

I was making porridge for breakfast, in the microwave because it seems quicker and I am lazy. I have been doing this for awhile now, in general I just put all bowls and plates in the microwave and have never had any trouble. But it turns out you should check that your bowl is microwave safe.

So I took my porridge out of the microwave and added sugar and milk.

Then the bowl exploded!

I really was not expecting that. Who would have thought that the bowl would explode? It didn't just break, there was definately some force to it.

So now I had a big mess, glass everywhere and no breakfast. Luckily over the weekend I found vegemite so I had vegemite on toast instead. And I think I will go back to cooking porridge on the stove.

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