12 January 2010

Viennese Culture

Today I went to the ballet. Here in Vienna there are operas, ballets and musicals on every single night! I went to the Staatsoper (State Opera) with my housemates to see the ballet adaption of a russian novel, Anna Karinina, by Tolstoy.

The ballet was a lot simpler than the novel, which is good because russian novels are incredibly long-winded. It was set to music by Tchikovsky. I think for me at least the second act must have been better than the first, because it seemed that it had barely begun when it was suddenly over. So surely I must have just been enjoying it more because it went for the same length of time.

I am hoping to go see something once a week, and that way I will make the most of my four months here and get some culture while I have the chance. There is some really good stuff coming up. And it is so cheap! It was only 3 euro, which is 6 bucks. That's for standing seats in the gallery but we could still see really well. I tried to take a few pictures but it didn't work very well. Other than the final bow the picture above is the only one that worked, and only because they were holding a pose. But this scene was a masquerade and had the most interesting costumes so it's better than nothing.

Perhaps next week I will try an opera.

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