17 January 2010

Lolly Cake in Austria

So last night it was my house-mates birthday party, and I make lolly-cake. See, lolly-cake is actually unique to NZ and people in this hemisphere think it sounds really strange. The problem with trying to make lolly-cake here is that the ingredients are also pretty unique to NZ. So instead of malt biscuits I used caramelised biscuits (they are this really good type of biscuit you get here), and instead of fruit-puffs I used marshmallows. The biscuits were okay but I thought the marshmallows were nowhere near so good as fruit-puffs. People were wary of trying it at first but then everybody loved it. It was all gone far to soon. They say I will have to make more.

Since being away I have actually met no other Kiwi's, and surprisingly no Aussies either. Most people here have a lot of trouble understanding me but there are a couple that think it's a nice accent. Most people don't notice the Southland accent here, but a couple can tell the difference. And every conversation eventually ends up at Lord of the Rings. And rugby. But at least they all liked the lolly-cake. And you have to admit, they are right in saying that it's really strange looking. I just never really thought about it before.

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