04 July 2013

A New Home

Here I am, in Wellington, in a flat that is, so far, all mine. I live in Kingston, which is about a 5-10 minute drive from the city center, but at least 25 minutes on the bus. The house is nice enough but there is no real yard. I have almost nothing yet - I have a bed, which I figured was most important. It has nice new bedding and pillows. I have an old TV and a random dining chair and an oven that doesn't close properly. The landlords are bringing a fridge and better oven on the weekend - I'm hoping they bring a washing machine too or I will have to find a laundromat until I get sorted. The problem is that I don't have a van or ute to borrow any more, so I can't make the most of all the good stuff on Trademe. I have, however, been trawling a website called freecycle, where people list the things that they want to get rid of and you go pick them up. As well as that I will go op-shopping on the weekend and sort out some furniture quick-smart. Then the place will seem like a home. However, I do need to find flatmates or I will be incredibly poor. I have had 3 responses to my ad so far. One was a young French student who would only be here 2 months so I advised they look for somewhere that already has furniture. The second was an Indian girl, bit older than me, who worked for the weather service but I haven't heard from her since so she must have liked another listing better. Just now I have been contacted by a very promising candidate - an undergrad ecology student who really wants to live in a house with a dog. He's just my brother's age but living out here will surely have to be better behaved than my brother. And if not, oh well, at least I'll be able to afford the bills and rent.

So the people that were in this flat before me just left without any warning and apparently left the place in a huge mess (which is probably why my oven is a bit broken). I don't know what sort of dodgy things they were up to but last night there was a knock on the door at about 10 pm - at first I thought it was somewhere else because who would knock on my door at the time? Plus the lazy dog didn't bark. So then the knock came again and I saw that there were people at the door so I asked who it was ... it was the police! I kept the chain on the door until I was sure that it wasn't some random lying about their identity, but it actually was the police. They were looking for someone whose name I didn't catch, and I don't know why, but now that they know that person is long gone they will surely not come back. The locks are being changed this weekend, so hopefully I won't need to worry about dodgy people coming back.

As for work, it's been incredibly exhausting because the training period is full time. After next week I will be down to part time and hopefully I will get the perfect amount of hours to keep me going yet give me enough spare time for my studies and cooking and looking after the dog. The museum is awesome and everybody should go to it as much as possible. Spending all day on my feet is killing me so I really need to get some good shoes. I can't wait for the weekend and having a chance to sleep in and relax. Though Saturday I will be busy trying to fill my new place with things. I need to get a dresser so that I can get all my clothes of the floor. And I need a couch so that the dog stops sleeping on my bed during the day (hopefully). And I need a bike so that poor old Cher can go for proper runs again. These hills will make it difficult, but walking up and down them is just as bad and my legs are full of aches and pains. I just hope that in the long run it keeps me fit and toned! Did I mention that I'm right by this huge reserve, or string of reserves, that I'm pretty sure runs all the way to the bays on the southern coast. Me and Cher will go for a hike that way in the weekend and find out. Lots of pictures coming, but for now I'll leave you with the view from my morning walk:

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