01 July 2013

In Wellington

Well here I am. It was a very long drive - longer the first day but the whole thing has left me exhausted. I have survived a bit of driving in Wellington, up crazy hills and along narrow, windy roads. I looked at two places to live yesterday and neither were that good. Hopefully looking at another tonight and it is run directly by the landlord so if all is good I will try to sign a lease and move in immediately. Until then Cher is in a kennel and doggy day-care. I felt so awful leaving her there yesterday, in a strange place, after a stressful couple of days and not enough exercise. I hope she's OK. She will have to stay there till tomorrow at least. However, if I do get this place tonight I already have a bed lined up and it has a fridge, so the place will be in a liveable condition right away. I will have to sort out a washing machine pretty quickly, and stuff for the kitchen so that I can live like a civilised person. Now it is very early on Monday morning and I must have had too much on my mind because I couldn't sleep properly. I was awake since 5.30, so I got up early and now have nothing to do until it's time to go to work. Hopefully all goes well today. Here is Cher falling asleep in the car:

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