30 July 2013

Visiting Sydney

I am back in NZ now, after what seemed like a very short 4 days in Sydney. I am stuck in the airport in Christchurch because the morning flights to Welly were cancelled due to fog. Luckily there is free wifi in the airport, unlike at Sydney airport where they are stuck in the past. So I will use my waiting time in the airport (I have another hour to wait still and no book to read) to write a blog post, so that when I get back to Welly I don't use this to procrastinate from writing my thesis.

Sydney was very warm, it didn't feel like winter at all. That plus the fact that the gum trees don't lose their leaves made it really feel like stepping into summer - and I felt way overdressed in my winter clothes. The 4 days flew by because we did a lot, but even then there was a lot that we didn't do. We went to the zoo, which was good, but it closed at 4.30 pm, which we weren't expecting, so we didn't get to see it all. We only missed out on the Australian exhibits though and I've seen that stuff before so it was all good. I was really tired after having to get up so insanely early for my flight, so a good sleep and a quiet Saturday were welcomed by me. Over the course of the weekend we tried out some restaurants, wandered through a market, walked over the harbour bridge and went on a cruise of the harbour in a tall-ship (I'm not sure why they call them that, but it's one of those old ships with big sails, like a pirate ship). We were going to go up the big tower in the middle of Sydney and have lunch in the revolving restaurant but we ran out of time because we were too busy ice-skating! After which we found a Baskin-Robbins and I introduced my Aussie friends to my favourite ice-cream flavour, chocolate peanut butter.

Now my little holiday in the sun is over and I am back. It's time to get my thesis finished, so the next two months might be stressful and busy. Perhaps it will be some time before I write again so I will leave you with lots of pictures to enjoy for now instead.

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